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Boston, MA Construction ConsultantsBaer & Associates are trusted construction consultants for the Boston, MA area. We can help you establish budgets, manage costs and save money as you build. From concept to final construction document estimates, we provide firm estimates on real costs, taking many, many factors into consideration that our competition simply does not. Our reports are both customized and clear, and they are individually prepared by our own cost estimators. We think about geographic area and market trends that may fluctuate during the building of your project because we've seen too many projects abandoned because the planners thought the world around them would stay the same for the next two years.


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Construction consulting is at our core. Accurate cost consulting is provided to each of our clients, in industries including:

  • Architectural and engineering firms
  • Construction managers
  • General contractors
  • Governments
  • Agencies
  • School districts
  • Colleges
  • Private owners

Construction Cost Consulting Services

Boston, MA Construction Cost ConsultingWe live for high stakes deals because that's what we were built on. When more is on the line, we represent sound decision-making and resourcefulness. We will help you establish your budget, and even help you manage costs throughout the project. Our reports can be customized in all kinds of ways but no matter what they are always crystal clear. Don't understand something in the report? Just call 716-831-0000 to get in touch with a construction consulting expert who can help you right on the spot.

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Baer & Associates has been involved in over 7,000 different projects, all ranging from $100,000 to over $500 million. That's what has made us one of the most trusted construction consultants of our kind in the Boston, MA area. To work with us is to know a level of document completeness that is unmatched by most construction cost estimators in the Boston area.

Call Baer & Associates at 716-831-0000 for the premiere construction consultants for your Boston, MA area build.

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Featured Projects

  • Baer & Associates

    Upstate New York State Casino

    Baer & Associates, LLC is honored to participate in the planning and design-team building process for this exciting project.  The Grand Hudson Hotel & Casino proposal was one of seventeen bids submitted for consideration in the high-stakes competition to win a casino license in Upstate New York. The location in New Windsor New York is envisioned to link Orange County and the Catskills region of New York State to its previous era of economic success.

  • Baer & Associates

    Buffalo Canalside (South Aud Block Redevelopment)

    The Buffalo Waterfront was once a bustling industrial port that marked the Western terminus of the Erie Canal and served as a major gateway to the west. "Canal Side" will reestablish the City's relationship with the waterfront. The new harbor at the foot of Main Street positions the First Niagara Center as a waterfront site, the new Commercial Slip celebrates the history of the Erie Canal, and the Prime Slip brings water into the center of the development.

  • Baer & Associates

    Binghamton University

    The East Housing Complex includes 3,000 beds of student housing in eight residence halls, support and a collegiate center.  Project goals include promoting student interaction, supporting and maintaining the living / learning environment, maximizing space utilization through flexible multi-functional design, and designing sustainable facilities that meet LEED Certification standards.

  • Baer & Associates

    Alfred State College

    The approximately 60,000 square foot building houses a mixed program of campus club and student government offices, public gathering spaces, food services, a climbing wall, a radio station and a "dirty space" for students to engage in engineering projects. The facility incorporates many sustainable design features including a geothermal heating system, energy recovery wheels for HVAC, sunshade louvers, rainwater harvesting, a green roof and water efficient plumbing fixtures. 

  • Baer & Associates

    State University of New York College at Fredonia Science Complex Phase 1

    Phase 1, construction of an impressive three-story building of 92,000 square feet designed by Mitchell / Giurgola Architects LLP, was planned to enhance math and science learning. It houses the biology and chemistry/biochemistry departments, in addition to the environmental science and science education programs.

  • Baer & Associates

    State University of New York College at Fredonia Science Complex Phase 2

    Phase 2, renovation of Houghton Hall, will commence upon completion of the new building and eventually house the departments of physics, geosciences, mathematics and computer and information sciences - thereby creating a Fredonia Science Complex dedicated to all of the STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) disciplines.  Previously spread over 4 different buildings, all sciences will now be under one roof.

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